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Launch a Course that Frees Up Your Time and Earns Six Figures Per Year in Your Coaching Business

A 3-days  training that  shows  you the secrets  to successful earn $ix figures from your coaching business and free up your time.

$5.8M in Verified Client Sales

225+ Clients Worldwide

10+ Years of Experience


As a gift for participating in the workshop, you’ll also receive BONUS TEMPLATES designed to help you implement the strategies we’ll teach in this live workshop

Day #1

The Mindset of a Six Figure Course Creator

Understand the mindset of coaches who move beyond one on one coaching and add $100k per year with online courses

Day #2

From Busy & Burnt Out to More Freedom

The components of a highly profitable online course that frees up your time and allows you to spend more time with their family

Day #3

The Sales Strategy of a Six Figure Course Creator

The exact strategy I used to add an additional $162k to my revenue from one online course in one year and how to apply the strategy.

This workshop series is for you, only if:

This workshop series is NOT for you if:


No, this isn’t your traditional “rah-rah” motivational training.

"My pre-launch & launch campaign was superb, Steph & her team's guide was fantastic"

Steph helped with a mindset shift in pricing my course the right way. Pricing my course with the value that it offers to users not underpricing or overpricing the course. It doesn’t matter what competition is doing.

To date, over 180 people have signed up for my course

Oluwatobi Otokiti

Creator, Transition to Product Management

"I tried to launch my online course over two now, but Stephanie made this dream a reality"

I knew what I wanted to teach but I didn’t know how to start. I had no clue about how to go about it, plan it, schedule it or even what sort of website would work. Stephanie gave me step by step clarity and even validation.

Today, 53 people have signed up to my courses 

Kemi Lewis

Founder KLS Naturals

"Launching my course gave me the courage to own my space as an educator "

After working with Steph, I discovered the specific dimension of my calling as an educator, I was able to excellently articulate my ideas into a well structured written flow.

I launched my online course with a very good foundation twice last year, serving up to 30 people and getting results

Yagazie Eguare

Creator - Profitable Photography Business

Meet Your 6-Figure Coach

Hi, I'm Steph

I’m an Award Winning Business Coach and Course Creator to some of Forbes Africa’s most powerful women.

I pioneered the online course movement in West Africa and I’ve spent the last six years equipping women to tap into the $370 Billion eLearning market

I also founded TrainQuarters, the first female owned tech platform which provides tech support to female course creators so that they overcome their fears around building a tech enabled business.

I have a special gift for helping coaches create, launch and market profitable online courses that frees up their time, impacts more people and makes a lot more money.

I look forward to helping you in my 3-days workshop series.

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