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I get it - running an agency is tougher than you imagined.

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I started my agency fueled by passion. But as we grew, I got caught up in the weeds. Profit hit a ceiling. I put out fires, not big ideas. I had lost my purpose. I realized I needed to systemize and delegate.

Within 12 months, we doubled our revenue to over $100k. My team and I rediscovered our passion. My program shares what I learned. It helps agencies move from survival to growth. If you’re tired of the hamster wheel, this is for you.

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Hear what people sa about Freeman

“As the owner of a 10 year old agency, I thought I had seen it all. But after hitting a profit wall, this program gave me a whole new framework that has allowed me to finally scale to over $100k a month in revenue.”

- John Smith, Founder of Creative Agency

“After a decade in the agency grind, I had completely lost my passion and sense of purpose. This program helped me implement systems to automate the busywork and re-energize my creative spirit. Now my team and I have found our joy again.”

- Sarah Lee, CEO of AW Agency

“If you had told me a year ago that my agency would be netting six figures a month in profit, I would have laughed. But with the strategies I learned in this program, I’ve been able to double my revenue while maintaining a thriving culture and balanced lifestyle.”

- Michael Chen, Director of Chen Marketing Solutions


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Ebook : The Agency Growth Formula

The ebook will show you How to Systemize, Automate and Scale Your Agency to $100k Months

Hypergrowth Agency

Hypergrowth Agency gives agency owners the complete 90-day training blueprint for exponentially increasing revenue. Through expert video modules, frameworks, templates, and masterclasses you’ll learn to systemize, automate and scale your agency for speed and profit.

In just 90 days, you can overhaul your agency operations to drive explosive growth and freedom.


Meet Jack Freeman

Jack Freeman is the founder of Agency Ascent, the leading revenue growth training program for agency owners. He brings over 15 years of experience rapidly scaling agencies.

After building his successful firm to over $20M in revenue, he created Hypergrowth Agency to help other agencies maximize their growth potential.


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